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Harrington Health

We have been striving for greatness in providing the best and most efficient service to our customers for over 5 years. We seek out the finest products and bring them to your door with a service that is recognised as one of the best in the business. We are one of Australia’s most loved online health food distributor and are very proud of our strong stance in the natural product market.

We started from humble beginnings in 2006 wanting to bring natural, healthy products to people far and wide knowing how important putting natural products into your body is. We have always had an unshakeable desire to create the perfect user experience and we add a certain amount of fun and excitement into your shopping experience, we are all about creating those memories for you and your family that last a lifetime. We view ourselves as partners with our amazing employees, loyal customers, our fantastic community and our wonderful environment. We are a mission driven company and we truly believe that bringing healthy products to people’s attention is a way to create a certain peace amongst the world.

Natural Health has a few basic principles that we stand for, we like to keep it simple and transparent. We are very focused on contributing not exploiting – Wherever possible we favor Fair Trade supplies and want to be able to help our fellow humans in achieving what they want from life.


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